Move Like Kids

The more I coach gymnastics and watch my own kids do basic things throughout the day I am realizing how far we have strayed from natural movements as adults. Just start watching young children and how they move and what they do throughout the day. When then go into a squat position it seems to come very naturally to them. They maintain the lumbar curve, chest up, head stays neutral, knees track over their feet…. Its awesome. The squat is not something they are working toward mastering, they are not even thinking about it, they just do it and do it perfectly.

I was working on some core work and my 3 year old wanted to be like dad and do some as well. With my head down a bit I’m telling you that his L-sits blow mine out of the water. Kids have an amazing bodyweight to strength ratio that most of us lose as we get older. His core stayed tight, legs were straight, he created a nice 90 degree angle from his torso to his legs and he even pointed his toes!


But just because we get older does not mean that we cannot keep this bodyweight to strength ratio or at least get it back if we have already lost it. The key is letting ourselves get active and well, act like kids again. There is no reason to ever stop playing games, running, jumping and getting dirty. Obviously life gets more difficult and time is scarce sometimes but when we can play, we should play. Try new sports, go on a hike, a run or a bike ride. Take a dance class or a gymnastics class.

Life is amazing and our bodies were meant to do great things. Get out and make your body move like it should.



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Jump Series: Straddle Jump

The straddle jump is the last jump in our basic gymnastics jump series. Just remember that a good straddle jump should look like you are sitting in a straddle in the air.

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Jump Series: Pike Jump

The pike comes after the straight jump and tuck jump in our gymnastics jump series.

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Jump Series: Tuck Jump

The tuck jump is the next jump in the series of gymnastics jumps.

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Jump Series: Straight Jump

Basic Gymnastics jumps starting with the basic straight jump.

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Basic Lunge

The lunge is a position that is used in a ton of gymnastics skills. This video will show you the basic lunge and how to perform it.

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Arch Hold

Learn the arch position. It is an essential position to learn to become better at body weight movements and gymnastics. His is a basic video to help those with no gymnastics background how to become better.

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